Gambier Archipelago, FP, Cyclone Season


We underestimate gravity

living mostly in a flat world

or buoyed by the sea

or by the power of internal combustion engines,

jet turbines

until the boat heels just fifteen degrees beating to windward in moderate seas

and making coffee becomes a heroic adventure

I’m still trying to understand, to viscerally know 

how gravity is mass bending space time

I do get that gravity is like time, in this crazy wingding world

falling toward the future

resisting it is an illusion

even our thoughts are not free of gravity

normal looks strange, titled just a little off angle.

2 thoughts on “Gambier Archipelago, FP, Cyclone Season”

  1. green bowls! this is another just ‘wow’ and i feel blessed to have this peek at what you are experiencing. What glorious pearl people!

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