“Whales! One o’clock, Starboard bow! Not that far!”

There isn’t much about humpback’s that you can get “used” to
fin and back slipping above the waves
scale inspires awe
flukes waving goodbye, whispering into the drink
surge of whales on the move
juvenile males on a mission
shouldering water ahead of them as they porpoise on the surface
strange knobby heads rushing through the foam
in calmer water, a spy hop, slipping up to peak at YOU
soft blow of a sleeping whale
the sudden totally unexpected wild audacity of a breach
that always always comes out of nowhere
and again
young whale under the stand up paddle board
gripping the camera, ready to go under
calves in the anchorage, sleeping with Mom
arced above her head
curious little ones spy hopping by the stern
or practicing their breaches
flopping, silly half out
then the day they show everyone what they’ve got

(Rough camera moves, sorry, but the proximity had us sufficiently EXCITED!!!)


4 thoughts on ““Whales! One o’clock, Starboard bow! Not that far!””

  1. how peaceful the ocean feels in your video of these giants swimming right next to you. Thanks for taking the time to update for us! Intricately stunning!

    1. Lori, yes! A couple times we’d slip off into 7,000′ depths while Marcus maneuvered Allora so that he could still see us, stay a good distance from the whales and handle the sails. With all that going on, it was remarkably grounding!

  2. what an amazing adventure!
    The whales….sooo close…
    a far different place than MT in December….
    Thank you for sharing the ride….


    1. Hi Susan! Fun to see you found our blog! Yes, the Humpbacks were mindbogglingly wonderful, and just left us wanting MORE …
      Keep an eye here, as I’m busily working on more posts to get us up to date and situated where we currently are in New Zealand!
      (Of course, we always miss Montana, too!)

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