Montana! August and September, 2016

Whaaaat?! TWO group photos?! Rare moments happen.

Thank you, Cam and JJ, for the gift of being invited to celebrate your LOVE! An incomparable wedding weekend!

Huddle of besties.
Happy Dad – It’s all OVER!!! (So much planning went into this eventful weekend).
Camping at the River Ranch – Bruce sent over mattresses from the cabin, so we were in the lap of luxury!
Mayhem in the morning.
These three told us we were going for a hike, but instead, we were showing up at Erin and Chuck’s for a SURPRISE PARTY!!! Tricksters.
Our perfect Bozeman Cottage Rental on the north side. (Thanks, Shannon, Gar and Nic!)

Backpacking in The Absarokee/Beartooth wilderness – The Beaten Path (crazy name, considering we saw just a couple other ppl.) Astounding splendor! Haley was back in NYC working 🙁


Geology and route discussion. Wyatt was in nirvana mode amidst all this rock.
At their happiest in this environment.
Can you spot Scout?! It was SO good to have him along.
Dubious section of the trail.

I can make this SAT phone WORK!
Die hard fisherman.
It paid off!!! Huckleberries, almonds and dill – oh my!
Happy to be nearing Fossil Lake – just about 10,000 feet.
We awoke to SNOW in August!
Yep, summer in Montana!
Fashionable and maybe warmer?
Day hike route planning.


Close up of our impromptu ‘mosaic.’

Brrrrr ….

Truffle popcorn, anyone?

Love these hours in camp.

Time to go back out. 17 miles in one shot!
We could hardly gain forward momentum with huckleberries flanking the trail!


Glacial gorgeous green.

Endless fascination with these crags.
Encountered this guy WAY too close on the trail. He politely watched as we scurried backward.
Truly magical place in the world.

Quick trip to Philly to be with my beloved Uncle for his birthday.

Sunday Spaghetti team: Marcus, Mom, Maddi and Di @ Aunt Carol and Uncle Tommy’s, September 2016.
Mom, Di and Uncle Tommy on September 17th, his birthday, in Philadelphia.
Uncle Tommy created some Ukemonsters! EVERYONE had to get one!

Ringing Rocks, (aka ‘Pipestone’), Montana

Explanation necessary: The acoustics in this rock fall are quite unique and different pitches can be heard when you tap on various rocks – so we all bring hammers and traipse around making ‘music.’ One of our favorite haunts.
Great spot to play.
This ain’t NYC!
Love this guy.
He likes rocks a lot.
Not your typical leaping environment.
Petting some trees.
Hammer in one hand, Haley in the other.
The caves are cavernous!
Wyatt disappears down below the rocks and I never know when/where he’ll emerge! One time he found a geocache here at Ringing Rocks.
Great to be back under the Montana night sky again.
Warm drinks on a cool, Fall night in MT.

Thank you, Maddi, for snagging these night shots!

More Montana moments:

Beehive Basin hike with Doug, Carmen and Maddi.
Skylar’s going away party @ Blackbird. Wilder danced till she dropped. Didn’t want to say ‘bye’ to Sky, but we had a blast.
Dinner with these ridiculously OLD Rainey kiddos!
Drone play. It’s going to be a bigger challenge flying it from a moving sailboat!
Maddi’s birthday, September 1st., 2016. Best cake EVER (Skylar).

Our time in Bozeman was a blissful couple of months; we lived big under the big sky with friends/family time and wilderness play, our two main objectives. While it was SO crazy sweet to be in Montana again, we both agreed that Allora verily feels like real ‘home’ and it was time to get back to Mexico!

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