Wyatt and Maddi found this coconut in the Gambier JUST like this, no hairstyling. Yep, it reminded us of ‘he who shall not be named’, so we knew we had to get him OFF Allora, but wanted to make more of a ceremony of it . . .

“Crump” is a merging of the word coconut and #&*%!

6 thoughts on “CRUMP!”

  1. You Stevens never cease to amaze me . . . that was the best video I’ve seen in forever! LOVE your creativity and LOVE you all!
    xoxo Lori

    1. They’re Nurse sharks and though they are regarded as ‘gentle giants,’ do a search on ‘nurse shark teeth’… and then give them the regard that mouth deserves! People get into issues with them because they are relatively approachable. We swim with them without hesitation or provocation.

  2. This is hysterical….so fitting an end to Crump! Did you stuff it with fish to get the sharks to go after it?

    1. Linda! I wanted to post the pic which indicates the technique we used to ‘take him down,’ but I didn’t want it to be a spoiler alert. But yes, we’d caught and filleted a fish which we were about to eat when we found out it could potentially have ciguatera, so we were going to have to chuck the beautiful bits of grouper anyhow!

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