Back to Paradise! (Paradise Village, Puerto Vallarta, Mx)

We returned on October 1st. (2016) to find Allora in great shape and began to put her back together, prepping to head south to explore Pacific Mexico and then Central America. Hurricane season technically ends on Nov. 30th, but we planned to slip away mid-month, while keeping a watchful eye on weather.

Paradise Village, PV, Mx

First thing we had to attend to was our malfunctioning Yanmar (inboard) engine. We’d been troubleshooting vexing problems and finally found the explanation!

Interpreting the codes on the SAD machine (which Carl, the Yanmar guru brought) hooked up to the common rail engine.
At one point, I had to hold his feet!
The gaskets to the fuel tanks weren’t made with fuel grade material, so rubber chunks were disintegrating and falling into our diesel supply.
Hand cutting new gaskets.
The Yanmar TEAM! A solution we could be confident in!
Progressive Cocktail Party:
3pm till midnight
40 minute rounds
Themes – ours was ‘Africa’
We were the last boat out of 12! That’s a LONG day.
This guy is up trimming the coconut palm using this ridiculously long ladder with no one to spot it.
Foresails all cleaned and going back up.
dock walk.
Iguanas cruise around the docks in PV.
I talked them into letting us wash our sails on the resort stage!
We brought Namo, our dinghy, up the estuary and stopped at this fajita restaurant – just tied up the boat and walked up to dine!
Mom made this cross-stitch for us!!
Feathers and fronds.
I WANT this costume!!!
Dancing feet.
Fierce warrior?
Tamale wrapped in banana leaves.
Poor pelican 🙁 He was resting at the dock and just looked at me as I walked by.
Progressive Cocktail Party:
3pm till midnight
40 minute rounds
Themes – ours was ‘Africa’
We were the last boat out of 12! That’s a LONG day.
Our favorite Canadian family (although there are a TON of them out here sailing!). These guys are from Victoria, BC, and are currently figuring out which direction to head next. Mama Sara’s the masterful captain aboard s/v RikiTikiTavi and has just been teaching at a private high school to add to the cruising fund. Pete is a wickedly fine chef and has an impressive canvas ‘shop’ on the deck of their boat; he’s producing some phenomenally functional bags, useful for just about everything. Check it out:
Liam and Neli being buddies.
Liam being Liam. Meanwhile, a healthy game of ‘butt wrestling’ is going on in the background.


Neli’s birthday!
The indomitable (homemade) piñata! Still, we just might see candy on this one?!
Piñata remnant decor.
Colorful Mexico!

I had what felt like an imperative urge to go and spend some time with Haley – to help her get her new apartment organized, etc. We had 3 VERY FULL days, including taking in the play, ‘Sleep No More,’ which Haley’s experienced 6 times!

Haley in her new Brooklyn hood.

Miss Lily Lightning! She knows her way around all the cool places in NYC!
These little markets are like galleries, with all the cool graphics and products. Lucky dog!
We texted Aunt Lori from this thrift shop to rave about all the great stock! Haley’s getting into vintage!!

Allora ended up spending 3.5 months of hurricane season in Paradise Village!


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