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First reliable wifi in over 6 months, so I will be making a series of blog posts trying to get caught up! We last left off in Moorea (Oct.’18), so here are a few last shots of the island which, although somewhat touristy, provided sweet memories and special encounters. Next up, the remote Austral’s …

We waited a while to leave Moorea for the Australs, which was just fine. Plenty of nice diving with our new tanks and gear, bike rides and friends. And whales. In the wind forecasts there always seemed to be a stubborn trough (meaning squalls and confused seas) situated right across the route. No doubt it’s there most of the time in the spring. We finally left, deciding that it wasn’t ever going to really go away, and that anything that looked halfway decent was probably the best we could hope for. 

The forecast was for diminishing winds, so after a rough start (including yours truly experiencing a rare though mercifully brief bout of seasickness after going forward to set up the check stays at dusk, we settled in and the wind and seas finally did seem to mellow. Too make sure we made it to Rurutu not too late we also decided to fly the Asym, which we are normally reluctant to do at night. All fine on Diana’s watch, but instead of continuing to decrease the winds built on mine. The plan was to wake her up to furl the sail if the breeze tipped 16 knots. It hit 18, twice and finally I woke her. By the time we started furling it was blowing 22 knots and the bowsprit was nearly bent in half. It was almost impossible to get the sail in. When the wind did die, as forecast, we could no longer fly our Asym. 

6 thoughts on “More Moorea”

    1. Hey Laurel! Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond, but we so rarely have wifi out here. I have BIG plans to finally get caught up on the blog once we get down to New Zealand, so keep checking back! Allora’s currently in Tonga and we have Wyatt aboard with us for the rather challenging ocean passage down to the high latitudes of NZ! Hope you and yours are well.

  1. Yay! Just explored this site for the 1st time in way too long. I then promptly sent the link to my family, and to Scott’s, and suggested they all take a few moments and vicariously enjoy your wonderful Odyssey!

    Loved Marcus’s descriptions of your encounters with Polynesian generosity. And impressed that you “won” the gift giving battle with a Montana hat. Next time we connect (New Zealand 2020?) we will bring more Montana hats to replenish your supply of gifts.

    Sending hopes for more happy trails, good winds and lovely locals! Love always, Lori

    1. Hi Lori! Thanks for always holding such enthusiasm for our life at sea and my challenging attempts to keep this blog alive! I absolutely love having you on our team! And yes, a New Zealand rendezvous makes me smile just thinking about it!

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