Lots of love in this mosaic!

Diana spent a day at the school (and several more on the boat) helping them make a mosaic for the school using local materials but also glass from Italy that she keeps squirreled away in the bilges. She donated for a center element, a piece of glass given to her by a mentor in Ravenna. The theme for the month at school was “Love,” so that inspired the design, which was set up so that many kids could work on parts of it at once. Thanks too, to Mike and Katie (s/v Adagio) for jumping in to help. We hung it on the school wall with the assumption that it might outlive the actual building itself. ~MS


8 thoughts on “Lots of love in this mosaic!”

  1. Oh, Diana ~ How special to share your gift in this manner. How fortunate those kids are to have learned this art from you! How talented you are. How I loved seeing this post today, first day of a New Year/ a New Decade! Thanks Marcus, for your words. Love to you both! Adventure on….
    hugs & see you soon…

  2. Another amazing blog! What fortunate kiddos to have you Diana as their inspiration. And what an amazing piece of art they created . . . you are leaving little love drops everywhere you go. Keep it up! xoxo

    1. It was sort of a breakthrough for me, both that I could do some detail work actually on the boat (the putting together of the rings with the white shell between them) and that I could use this particular mesh fabric (which I’d originally bought to sew cabinet liners for Allora) to make the mosaic work be portable in a relatively lightweight fashion. It was a very simple piece and idea, but we sure had some fun! Thanks, Lori L!

  3. This is truly fantastic Diana! The artwork, the process, the kids!!! Brava!!!!! Did you raise your waterline using all these treasures of the bilge?

    1. So funny you asked that, I presume jokingly, because we’re currently in the yard in NZ and discussing that very question! Some people load their bilges with wine from Italia – ours have glass from Italia!

  4. oh my, oh my, oh my
    Sister! i “Love” this picture story with captions and the joy of all of you involved. I wonder how the red seeds will look ‘forever’? You guys did it!!!

    1. The kids really got into it, which was heartwarming (pun). Since those seeds are organic, I doubt they’ll last ‘forever,’ but climate change issues will sadly be making that timeframe much shorter than ‘perpetuity.’

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