Haraiki to Hao, Tuamotus

“Today” is a song my mind sings to itself.

“I am neither happy nor sad, neither really tense nor really relaxed. Perhaps that’s the way it is when a man looks at the stars asking himself questions he is not mature enough to answer.”
~The Long Way, Bernard Moitessier

2 thoughts on “Haraiki to Hao, Tuamotus”

  1. June 18 ,2018
    Checked your GPS today and it shows you N. E.of Papeete on or near an Island chain called Toau at the upper N.W. of that Iland chain of course, that could be old info

    Looks like a Great Cruise. Great photos of the Whale Swimming event.

    1. Hey, Doug! So glad you retained our ‘Allora’ card and are still keeping tabs on us! You’ve got it right; we are in the Tuamotus, which used to be called, The Dangerous Archipelago, before the advent of the GPS you used to find us! Marcus is in heaven with all the bonefishing and I’m smitten with snorkeling/freediving. Pics of my undersea life to come soon. I hope you’re well?!

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