Allora and her crew (including Haley and Wyatt) are in New Zealand for 6 months of their summer (cyclone season in the Pacific Islands) and have actual cell phones AND wifi accessibility, ooh, la, la!!!

You can reach Diana at: +64 02041930434 and Marcus at: +64 0224300535 (yes, mine is harder to memorize, with 11 digits instead of 10!)

We can receive texts and calls! Yippee!

Diana’s Mosaic Website:


Our blog:  Use our tracker (push ‘WHERE IN THE WORLD IS ALLORA?’) to keep an eye on our movements. You can find it on the left side of the page near the very top.
We LOVE getting comments on this blog, and here in NZ we’ll be able to actually answer them!!
IRIDIUM SATELLITE PHONE DIRECTIONS (always in use and available as a back-up if you’re not reaching us with the above methods during the time we’re in NZ):

Easiest for us is to receive TEXTS via our Iridium sat phone system — in theory anywhere on the planet. For those of you with International texting plans, it will be free of charge. Otherwise, check the fees per text with your provider!

Dial:  011-8816-234-91100 (from the US)

You can also place a PHONE CALL to our SAT phone, using the same number and dialing format above, but it will most likely be expensive and we may or may not hear the incoming call, so if you ARE trying to reach us this way, be sure to make repeated attempts while we fumble around trying to get the clunky system to answer!

We can receive/send EMAILS also, (no charge) text only (no attachments!) at: