Allora’s currently sailing in Fiji, hosting friends and family before this short season of reliable tradewinds becomes cyclone season (Nov-April). We will be leaving the boat in Vuda Marina/Viti Levu in what they refer to as a ‘cyclone pit,’ and flying home to Montana for the winter!
Our Fijian cell numbers:
Diana: +679 2750541
Marcus: +6792751289
(You can call us on our Fijian cell phones from the US by dialing 001 679 plus our number)

We’ve had spotty 3G service generally, so emails can be received:

Diana’s Mosaic Website: is currently defunct, but I’ll be building a new site while in Montana.
If you are ever really needing to reach us, the best idea would cover both bases and use the above phone and emails PLUS our SAT system.

ALLORA AT SEA (or out of service):

Tracking: (push ‘WHERE IN THE WORLD IS ALLORA?’) to keep an eye on our movements.

(When you zoom in close, it will show weather information which may not be accurate at the time, so do not worry based on this!)



Voice Call:

SAT phone numbers:

From US: 1-480-675-6062

otherwise use: +8816-52450091

If you are trying to reach us via our SAT phone,  be sure to make repeated attempts while we fumble around trying to get the clunky system to answer! Or you can SAT text us first to let us know you’re trying to call.


+8816-52450091 (Make sure your plan includes texting to Satellite phones to avoid high charges)

You can send a text to our Iridium for free @

We’ll have to respond via a phone call or email, but at least you can get our attention this way.

We also have a Garmin INREACH and if I send you a text using that method, it will be free for you to respond, so please DO!

Email   (please no attachments!)